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Technological consulting
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Technologies of information  communication

Strategic consulting TIC, design and implantation of business networks of telecommunication, optimisation of costs and resources, management of technological providers.

Smart Cities & Smart Spaces

Strategic consulting for cities, implantation of projects, optimisation of resources, business alliances, management of technological providers, strategies of participation and of communication.

Ciber-Security and privacy

Actions of sensitisation, awareness and training for directors and companies.

Projects of evaluation and management of the risk and  implantation of solutions

Business management

Interim Management Of technological companies

Couching Business of start ups, implantation of processes of business and access to the market of capitals

Corporate development

Collaboration in the organic and inorganic growth.

Identification and access to new international markets, with research of local partners.

Processes of innovation

Integral management of the process of innovation in the company, application of fiscal deductions and protection of the innovation.

Courses and seminars related of management of the knowledge and the innovation.

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Solutions IT


In technologies of the communication and information -ICT–, business management, management of the processes of innovation and in transmission and protection of the knowledge.


  • Telefónica
  • Abertis Telecom
  • Green Services
  • Consorci Of Serveis Universitaris of Catalonia -CSUC-
  • Diputació Of Barcelona
  • Localret
  • BSM – Barcelona School of Management, UPF – Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Cabbage·legi Official i Associació d’Enginyers Industrials of Catalonia -COEIC i AEIC-
  • Associació d’Enginyers Of Telecomunicació of Catalonia -ACET-
  • Scientific and Technological park of Cantabria -PCTCan-
  • Scientific and Technological park of Terrassa -Orbital 40-
  • Group Teytel
  • Agile Contents
  • Bombs PSH
  • Urbiótica
  • Group ADTel
  • Esm2m – Casiopea



  • Sector TIC, Technologies of the information and the communications
  • Public administration and Universities
  • Public consortium-Private
  • Industry of technological base